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Our product range includes Jute Hessian Cloth from 28 inches to 128 inches width, Hessian Bags- Hydo Carbon free (Food grade) also know as VOT (Vegetable Oil Treated), Bleached & Dyed Hessian Cloth, Jute Sacking Bag,Jute Hessian Fabric,Food Grade & Non-food Grade Sacking Cloth and Bags like DW, Atwill, Btwill, etc., Jute Netting Fabric, Jute Leno Fabric, Jute Yarn just to name few. Customization is available in all the sizes. Our manufacturing facility includes Modern Shuttless looms and traditional Conventional looms for Hessian and Sacking variety producing defect free fabrics.

Company Brief

At, Hooghly Group, we are aimed at achieving maximum client satisfaction and make a consistent practice to improve this level of satisfaction while meeting the regulatory requirements. We put in team and technology to obtain the highest level of productivity and efficiency, simultaneously making the working environment safe and friendly.

Our prime motive is to produce quality products in accordance with the norms and put forth the same at competitive prices. We believe in steady growth while keeping at high pace towards growth and development.

We can offer most competitive prices for your requirements. We are well recognized in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Germany, Honduras, Ivory Coast Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Zimbabwe, etc.


Our units Hukumchand Jute Mills and Bowreah Jute Mills is a BIS Certified Company and is a recognized Export House.
Our business practices have enabled us to achieve Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) Certification,

Our Team

Hooghly Group is the largest jute Productry Mills in the world with the history of more than 100 years old and the legacy continues with the same prominence, dedication and commitment.

Quality Is Our Priority

We are an indispensable member of the Indian Jute Industries Research Association (IJIRA) and enjoy the benefits of its stringent quality testing system.

Corporate Mission & Strength

With 16,000 skilled staff at our unit, we depict our strength and commitment towards fulfilling our mission.

Corporate Objectives

We are putting  in the best efforts to help jute industry to combat challenges and bring forth enticing solutions to provide better and eco-friendly alternatives.  

Uses of Jute Fibres & Jute Webbing and Manufactured by our World's largest jute manufacturing unit

Type of Jute Products

Uses of Jute Fabrics


It is used for packaging a wide range of agro products such as Tea, Coffee, Onion, Potato, Garlic, Cotton, Wool, Rice, Maize, Wheat, Sugar, Gram, And Pulses. Customized solutions are available to meet the diverse requirement of the clients. Hessian Sheets are also used in the nurseries and construction of Jute Tubes. It widely demanded for the packaging of construction machinery and fittings as well like nuts, bolts, and others.


It is ideal for bulk packaging up to 90/95 Kgs of rice, wheat, sugar, pulses, and other grains. Also used as meat bags and in cement packing.

Tarpaulic & Canvas

This is useful in manufacturing different types of bags such as Postal Mail Bags and Seed bags.
Bitumen coated tarpaulin find usage in the fertilizer industry.

Specialty Items

Hydro carbon free jute bags/cloth are used for packaging of cocoa/coffee/shelled nuts, etc. This type of bags are also used to manufacture shopping bags, carry bags (Printed or not), with handles/chains/straps. Suitable for bulk packaging bags for 500kg/1000kg.
Polylined/ply laminated bags find usage for packaging of Rice, Sugar, and other grains.

Hydrocarbon free Hessian Cloth

This type of cloth is Hessian fabric developed from jute treated with vegetable oil, although free from hydrocarbon. This type of bags are useful in the packaging of coffee, cocoa, beans, peanut beans, and other food material that can be contaminated due to hydrocarbon.

Jute Yarn / Twine

Carpet Industries, etc.

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